Double bristle foundation brush ROSY VIBES

Stara cena: 40.49 (tax includ.)

  • A unique Flat Top Kabuki brush dedicated to apply liquid and creamy cosmetics.
  • The uniqueness of the brush lies in its double bristles:

Dark bristles - its compact structure provides strong coverage.

Light bristles - gently stroke the skin with applied foundation. This allows to smooth the face and eliminate the streaks.

  • The double bristle brush produces three-dimensional makeup without streaks.
  • Product ensures economical use of the foundation.
  • Flat-cut bristles allow to make precise stamping movements, which results in perfect coverage and a natural look.Brush is made of a synthetic, elastic and velvet bristle.
  • The Rosy Vibes series is perfect for eco fans and allergy sufferers. The brush has been closed in a practical case that will help to keep it clean.
  • Size: 13,5 cm.

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