Make-up cleaning pad BOO BOO CLEANING


Revolutionary make-up cleaning pad.

  • does not require the use of cosmetics for make-up removal - it works with water
  • precisely cleanses the skin - thanks to this, our skin will be in good condition
  • not only make-up removal - with the help of BOO BOO CLEANING pad we can wash off all kinds of masks from the face or perform a gentle skin peeling
  • irreplaceable when traveling - it limits the amount of accessories and cosmetics in our travel case
  • ideal for all skin types - even the most delicate and sensitive skin
  • retains its properties for 3 months - it will stay with you for a long time

    How does Boo Boo Cleaning make-up pad works ?? BOO BOO CLEANING pad should be soak with water and then squeeze its excess. And that's all. The padis ready for use. Now just gently remove your make-up.

    After each use pad should be thoroughly washed to rinse the cosmetics and allowed to dry in a safe and clean place.

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